Dark Night of the Soul

Dark Night of The Soul at Shakespeare’s Globe. The Feminine Response to the Faustian Myth

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‘That time may cease, and
midnight never come’

— Doctor Faustus

The Faustian myth continues to fascinate and intrigue, particularly in times of moral crisis. But the myth has been so appropriated by the man, the male, the masculine, that there has been little exploration or discovery of what it means for the woman, the female, the feminine, to stop at a crossroads and ‘sell her soul’.

Macbeth and Doctor Faustus are Shakespeare’s and Marlowe’s responses to the Faustian bargain, so whilst they are performed throughout the winter, a new series of responses will play in tandem, all written for the unique architectural playing conditions of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

An ensemble of women writers that includes Lily Bevan, Athena Stevens, Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence, Katie Hims and Amanda Wilkin, will respond to the provocation, with the ultimate aim of creating a chorus of female voices at the crossroads, asking the question: What would you sell your soul for?

The individual writers’ responses will be performed at various dates and times (still to be announced) around performances of Doctor Faustus, but on four evenings we will perform a selection of the pieces together. Tickets for these ‘Anthology Performances’ will be on-sale from Wednesday 20 June for Advance Priority Booking:

Saturday 19 January 2019, 7.30pm
Friday 25 January 2019. 7.30pm
Sunday 27 January 2019, 6.30pm
Friday 1 February 2019, 7.30pm

Ticket price for Anthology Performances: 
Standing: £5
Seats: £10-30

Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

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